Welcome To Nantucket

Nantucket is one of those places that is so unique and so special that one word, one phrase, nor one sentence can convey what it is. Known to some as the Grey Lady, the Island is as it's always been - a place where Time has extended a gracious hand and those who cherish the island work hard to preserve the charm and historical significance that wraps around the forty-eight square miles that comprise Nantucket Island .

Getting To Nantucket

Whether you love to fly and soar above the earth or you prefer to travel on boat, both options exist for your journey to Nantucket. In summer, you can catch a flight with Delta, Jet Blue or Cape Air. However, Cape Air is the only option during the rest of the year.

Contact the Steamship Authority if you are planning to bring your car on-board with you as that is the only ferry with such an option.

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Now That I'm On Nantucket... What Is There To See & Do?

Sitting on the sands and relaxing on the grass, perhaps with a refreshing beverage in your hand, are certainly part of your plans for your trip to Nantucket. While lounging around helps you to clear your mind and enjoy the natural serenity of the area, you don't want to miss out on all that Nantucket has to offer.

Whether you're interested in gazing at the architecture of lighthouses or learning about whaling in the region, this community has manifold opportunities to offer.

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Food & Drink On Nantucket

Providing the palate with perfect experiences is likely on the list of things you'd like to do while on vacation. Nantucket boasts an array of restaurants ranging from the quaint and casual to the fancy and elegant.

Whether you're in the mood for a local beer and some of the best burgers you'll find or you would prefer to dress up and find yourself seated at an elite dining establishment, Nantucket has an array of possibilities for you.

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